Monday, 19 August 2013

Barry M- Marshmallow confetti nail varnish

I have seen many people complain that Barry M's Confetti nail varnish is like cement, and that it is impossible to remove. However, I find that this is a good thing as my nails are very weak and thin at the moment so I have started using Sally Hansen products to strengthen them, but this will take a few weeks. 
So in the meantime I have used a protective Sally Hansen basecoat, and then applied a few layers of Barry M in marshmallow.

This has been a huge help for keeping my nails from breaking as, like I said earlier, it's like cement and doesn't allow my nails to bend and break. It's such a pretty varnish too and gives a great nail effect.
I find that it is actually rather easy to remove as it comes off in a big chunk and then remove the rest with varnish remover. However, if it isn't so easy to get off your nails, soaking them in warm water is always a helpful way to ease the varnish off.

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