Friday, 30 August 2013

Paper Planes!

I'm pretty bored so I'll do another post saying as though my blog is a bit empty!
I found an idea of this design while I was looking for tattoo ideas!
It looks like such a simple design, yet I found it a little difficult to do the plane!

For this design, I used Barry M's Peach Melba, White, and Black. I have a set of 15 brushes that I picked up on Ebay for around £2, these come in handy with all Nail Art designs. I will definitely be repeating this design, maybe on different background colours, and a sparkly trail? Everyone loves a sparkle! Is it apparent that I mainly only have Barry M varnishes? They seem to be the only ones that don't chip on my nails, but I plan on getting more Models own to see how they do!
'How To'
To do the plane I found it easiest to draw the outline first, and then fill the inside with White using a small brush, I guess if you have a nail art pen it would be much easier to do! Once it has dried, adding the outline can be a little tricky, so take your time!
The trail is easy peasy! Just go along with Black using a small brush or nail art pen, and miss a few bits as you go along to give the trail effect!
Let it dry completely, and then add a good top coat, I'm using Sally Hansens' Maximun Growth for mine, and as a base coat, but it's not really designed as a top coat, but I think it works perfectly!


  1. Ah that looks pretty good! The peach shade is really pretty too! :)

    1. Thanks :) peach melba is my fave varnish colour :)