Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Pastel Nails

This is a simple little design that doesn't take long to do. I think it's such a cute design and will look good with other colour combinations.
All of the varnishes used in this are Barry M, mainly pastel shades.

'How To'
This doesn't take much explaining on how to, just the standard dot work, dotting one colour up the nail with enough spaces for another colour, wait until dry to add the second colour.
For the thumbnail flowers, use a white and add 2 dots per flower, you will then paint a blob of the base colour of the flower in-between the 2 white dots, wait until dry and then add the 'petals' colour in comma strokes to give a layered effect. Finally add some leafs in green to give the finishing effect of the flower. 
Colours can vary but for this flower I used Barry M's Peach melba, bright red, white and green.

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