Monday, 1 September 2014

Polish Party: Glitter or Gems

So I've been rather quiet on the blog front in the last few months, as some of you know- I lost my mojo. Hopefully this is the start of getting back into it, but for the foreseeable future, I will only be posting Polish Party nails on my blog, and any other designs I will do, will be posted to my Twitter: @Smugginsx 

I couldn't decide between two designs I did for this months gems or glitter theme, so I'll just cheat and post both!

Firstly, I created the pink nails- using Barry M Pink Flamingo. I started off with a whole mix-match of nails and then decided to calm it down a bit as it looked a bit OTT.

After staring at my pink nails, and wondering why I ALWAYS opt for pink nails, I wanted to redo my whole idea for the Polish Party theme. So I got too it, and opted for Barry M's Matte selection, in Mocha- the use of Mocha and gold compliment each other so well, it's one of my preferred colour combinations!

Hopefully I will get involved each month from now on, but since I have just landed a new job (Yey!) where I'm not allowed to wear nail polish (Booooo!) I will have to see if I have the time!

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Wedding Ready

So I knew my cousins wedding was coming up this year when I made my sister a load of nails back at Christmas time. So I thought I would make her a set of wedding ready nails which she wore 2 weeks ago for the wedding.
All done using Barry M: Peach Melba and a gold glitter. The gold glitter polish ended up having about 5 coats so it was super sparkly! 
I picked up the decals on Ebay cheap, around £2 for a set of around 100 stickers. They worked perfectly and were thin enough to not cause raised edges which is brilliant! The stickers made these nails easy peasy to do! 

Monday, 31 March 2014

Polish Party: Spring Theme

So I had to miss last months theme as I was bogged down with Uni work, but I managed to fit it in this month! My lovely friend and I had a pamper night, and she let me use her nails as hers are A LOT longer than mine, as you can see. My nails are in pretty bad condition atm as I have no time to look after them with so much work to do, final year of uni means dissertation time! Eeeek.
I used a variety of Barry M's pastles, with one Gelly, but silly me didn't take a note of what colours they were, and the majority of them are down at my uni flat and it's spring break so I wont see them for a while. SOB. All I know is that the pink on the thumb nail is Peach melba and the pink on the pinky nail is Models Own Strawberry Tart. 
I thought simple nails would be best, they may not be fully spring, but pastel colours are very spring. 
At first I didn't plan on using striping tape, but once I had done the lines, I realised how messy they looked, so striping tape was essential on tidying up the nails!

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Polish Party: January Blues

I missed last months theme due to a million and 1 things to do for uni and at home, so I haven't really had time for my blog, or my nails. My nails have been pushed to being last on my list of things to do, so my designs arent the best lately as they tend to be rushed.
This months theme is January Blues, and by looking at the other girls nails, this has been interpreted in various ways. So here are mine, I hope you guys like them. They're slightly messy but I didn't have time to redo them.

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Polish Party: Disney Theme

It's that time of the month again, so here are my Polish Party nails, for the theme: Disney.
I have a slight obsession with Minnie Mouse, so what better way to show my love than painting a set of nails?
My nails have all snapped and I'm planning on keeping them short until I can get them into a better condition, so I thought I would do this design on a set of falsies as I'm painting a load for my sisters Christmas present!
These aren't the best nails I've done, but I still think they're pretty cute, and I hope my sister will like them, although she has around 30 pairs to choose from to wear! I love all of the other Polish Party girls' take on Minnie Mouse nails!
But oh wow, I've just noticed it's been a month since I last blogged, oops! Uni work and Christmas has just been getting on top of me and I haven't had time. Although if you follow me on twitter @Smugginsx (Long story behind the name) you'll be able to see more nails that I do as some of the I deem not blog worthy!

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Polish Party: Halloween

As most of you are aware, the Polish Party, has a monthly themed challenge. So I give you my Halloween themed nails!
They're not exactly scary, but Halloween can be cute too, for my Thumb I really wanted to do a Jason Voorhees Mask design, but as you can see it didn't come out the best, but I'm sill impressed with how well I did.
This was the first time that I have ever tried doing a "Splatter effect" design, I found it a bit tricky at first, but after a few trial and error attempts, I finally stuck with one of the Blood Splatters I was happy with.
What Halloween Mani is complete without a Spiders Web? This was very simple to do, over Barry M's Lady from the Royal Glitter Collection, and I absolutely love the way it turned out!
A simple Blood Drip effect is always an easy, simple method for halloween nails, and finally my little baby pumpkin! I love it!

For the detail on the nails, I used a Black Nail Art pen that I found in Primark, they come in a pack of two, and for only £2, how could I resist? They are extremely simple to use, and as you can see, the polish inside is surprisingly good quality for such a cheap product. It isn't too thick to work with, and gives a great outcome!

Colours used: 
Barry M; Matt White,
Bright Red,
Gelly: Mango
Royal Glitter: Lady

And finally a Black Nail Art from Primark

Monday, 21 October 2013

Velvet Goth Collection

So last week I got my hands on Models Own Amethyst from the Velvet Goth collection, and I absolutely loved how it looks.
I'm still torn between wearing it matte, or using a top coat, however I have came up with a solution. Wear it matte for a couple of days, and then add a top coat to make it last longer while giving your mani a whole new look!
The day after I bought Amethyst and Strawberry Tart and Jack Frost, I went back the next day and spent a further £20 on 6 new polishes, inluding 3 from the scented collection, and 3 more from the Velvet Goth collection, inluding Absinthe (pictured below)
So far Amethyst is my fave, with Absinthe a close second, but I guess thats because I haven't got around to trying the other 2 out yet, I'll be sure to post once I've tried the other, although unfortunately I do not have Obsidian as of yet.
I found that the application of Amethyst was quite thick and difficult to get level. However, the application of Absinthe was unbelievably easy and smooth so I'm unsure if my Amethyst had just thickened a little more in the bottle. For the Velvet Goth collection, I found that 2 coats leads to the perfect application, anymore and it looks too thick.
Velvet Goth are my new fave polishes, I really don't know why I didn't get them as soon as they were launched! I would recommend them to everyone!