Friday, 30 August 2013

Paper Planes!

I'm pretty bored so I'll do another post saying as though my blog is a bit empty!
I found an idea of this design while I was looking for tattoo ideas!
It looks like such a simple design, yet I found it a little difficult to do the plane!

For this design, I used Barry M's Peach Melba, White, and Black. I have a set of 15 brushes that I picked up on Ebay for around £2, these come in handy with all Nail Art designs. I will definitely be repeating this design, maybe on different background colours, and a sparkly trail? Everyone loves a sparkle! Is it apparent that I mainly only have Barry M varnishes? They seem to be the only ones that don't chip on my nails, but I plan on getting more Models own to see how they do!
'How To'
To do the plane I found it easiest to draw the outline first, and then fill the inside with White using a small brush, I guess if you have a nail art pen it would be much easier to do! Once it has dried, adding the outline can be a little tricky, so take your time!
The trail is easy peasy! Just go along with Black using a small brush or nail art pen, and miss a few bits as you go along to give the trail effect!
Let it dry completely, and then add a good top coat, I'm using Sally Hansens' Maximun Growth for mine, and as a base coat, but it's not really designed as a top coat, but I think it works perfectly!


I still have no clue what I'm really doing on here, how to follow people? Connected to Bloglovin, and now I'm even more confused!
What is life?!

Birds on a wire

This isn't the best nail art I have done, but I thought I would give it a shot, you never know how an idea you have is going to go on your nails. Will it be a success, or will it be a mess?

Personally, I think that this Barry M varnish looks its best when it doesn't have my design on, the pastel blue is such a pretty colour, this could just be because, for the life of me, I couldn't draw birds on my nails! I thought little blobs would look best, but they just went messy, practice makes perfect I guess, or so they say! 
Next time, if that exists, I would probably opt for finding some nail transfer stickers to use as doing this design was more hassle than what it's worth!

Monday, 19 August 2013

Barry M- Marshmallow confetti nail varnish

I have seen many people complain that Barry M's Confetti nail varnish is like cement, and that it is impossible to remove. However, I find that this is a good thing as my nails are very weak and thin at the moment so I have started using Sally Hansen products to strengthen them, but this will take a few weeks. 
So in the meantime I have used a protective Sally Hansen basecoat, and then applied a few layers of Barry M in marshmallow.

This has been a huge help for keeping my nails from breaking as, like I said earlier, it's like cement and doesn't allow my nails to bend and break. It's such a pretty varnish too and gives a great nail effect.
I find that it is actually rather easy to remove as it comes off in a big chunk and then remove the rest with varnish remover. However, if it isn't so easy to get off your nails, soaking them in warm water is always a helpful way to ease the varnish off.

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Top Tips

If you find that your varnish has thickened, add a couple of drops (but no more or you'll spoil the varnish) of varnish remover and mix. This should make the varnish thinner and manageable giving a new life to an old varnish that was ready for the bin. 
No varnish deserves to be binned without a second chance!

Alternatively, if you think your varnish is getting too thin, to thicken it up pop it in the fridge for a bit, this helps to cool it down and thicken as you may be storing it in a temperature it doesn't like. 
Varnishes should be kept out of direct sunlight and avoid heat!

Pastel Nails

This is a simple little design that doesn't take long to do. I think it's such a cute design and will look good with other colour combinations.
All of the varnishes used in this are Barry M, mainly pastel shades.

'How To'
This doesn't take much explaining on how to, just the standard dot work, dotting one colour up the nail with enough spaces for another colour, wait until dry to add the second colour.
For the thumbnail flowers, use a white and add 2 dots per flower, you will then paint a blob of the base colour of the flower in-between the 2 white dots, wait until dry and then add the 'petals' colour in comma strokes to give a layered effect. Finally add some leafs in green to give the finishing effect of the flower. 
Colours can vary but for this flower I used Barry M's Peach melba, bright red, white and green.

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Minnie inspired nails

These cute Minnie inspired nails will go with a range of coloured outfits, and they're very simple to do! 

Firstly, you will need to do your base coat, a clear base coat is best as it helps keep your nails from staining from the dark colours. You will then need to paint your fist coat of your colour, in this case it is red and then white for the statement nail. (This design also works with a range of colours, be adventurous!) 
A second coat is best for a great coverage of the nail. It is important that you wait for each coat to dry fully before applying the next coat!
Waiting for each coat to dry fully is essential for your nails to look there best, so stop being impatient!
You will then grab a dotting tool, cheap as chips on Ebay, but if you don't have one to hand, a tooth pick is just as affective. Paint a blob (Definitely the technical word, I promise) onto the dotting tool or tooth pick, the bigger the blob, the bigger the dots will turn out, so if you want small dots make sure you only put a small amount on your tool of choice. Repeat until you have the desired look you want.
Lastly, you will need to add a top coat to your design.

All nail varnishes used for this design were Barry M, Bright Red, White, and Base/Top coat.

Top tips.

Got home to realise youve bought a polish you already have? Grab your old polish and add a dash of white to give yourself a lighter shade! Or if you're feeling brave, add a different colour to it and mix to create a custom colour!
I did just that with a peach melba from Barry M which I already owned, and silly me bought another thinking I didn't have it, so I added some bright red and created a lovely pink! (Middle in picture)

Friday, 9 August 2013


Only just starting out on this, so I'm not 100% sure what I'm doing. I'll be posting mainly nail art, and I'll start to review Beauty products that I use in time once I've got used to this.

Marble Nail Art-How to.

I created this look by using various Barry M nail varnishes. They are ideal for creating marble nail art as they do not dry as soon as they touch water, fast drying varnishes are not recommended for marble nail art.
You can create this look by getting yourself a beaker filled with water, ideally you will start with a white for a base colour, you will then continue to drip any desired colour, in this case it was red, wait until it expands and then add your next colour, continue to do so until you have plenty of colours.
You will then need to grab yourself a tooth pick and drag this through the varnish to create a design, making sure to only drag from the second colour as it will all bundle up if dragged from outer colour.
You may want to put tape around your finger nails to avoid a big clean up after.
Dip your nail into the pattern, and keep under-water until you have collected the remaining varnish onto a Q-tip so it doesn't spoil your pattern when you remove it from the water.
Wait until dry, remove tape and clean up around edges with nail varnish remover.