Friday, 27 September 2013

Autumn Theme Challenge

So as some of you are aware, me and a few girls from Twitter decided to start a Challenge each month,I'm proud to be involved in this Polish Party group and I've loved seeing everyone's designs, so I give you my design for the theme: Autumn.

I really wanted to make my nails as textured as I could, but it didn't quite go to plan. Originally I intended on using an actual leaf for one of the nails to add texture and to be a bit different, but when I went to look for one, I couldn't find one that wasn't soaking wet, or the Autumn reds and oranges I was looking for. So when that idea went out of the window I replaced it with striping as I had always intended on using water marbling for the accent nail, and a caviar effect on the middle finger. 
I just HAD to have an Owl on my thumb nail, what's more Autumn than an Owl? It isn't the best looking owl, but I was getting frustrated with it so it got left how it turned out!
I used a sponging technique for my baby nail so I could incorporate all of the colours I would associate with Autumn.

The colours used for this design are all Barry M: Mango, Bright Red, Limited Edition Yellow, Foil Effects Gold, Matte Mocha (From the new A/W range), White, and Teal. 

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Pink valentine.

I am excited to show you the cute valentine nails I have just created.
Pink, pink and even more pink, what girl doesn't like having pink nails?
It was pretty simple to create, and I love the way it turned out!
This is the first time I have used striping tape, so I decided on only putting it on one nail, the thumb. I had heard that it is very fiddly to use, and they're not wrong, but if you use a pair of tweezers, it makes the process a whole lot easier!
All of the colours used in this design are Barry M.
Colours used; Matt White, Bright Red, Red Glitter, Peach Melba, Pink Nail art pen and finally my own mix of colours used for the base colour on thumb and 2 other nails, created by mixing a few drops of Bright Red into Peach Melba.

Friday, 6 September 2013

Jack Skellington- NBC nails

So I decided on doing some Jack Skellington nails, simply because The Nightmare Before Christmas is one of my fave films! I just love all of Tim Burtons films!

I had to have a lot of patience when I did this as it kept smudging and not looking right, as you can see from the picture below, Jack just looked too angry, and I prefer nice Jack. I found it looked more like Oogie Boogie, and I couldn't be having that!

I'm pretty impressed with the end result of my design, it could be better but practice makes perfect as they say! I just HAD to make one of my nails glittery, I'm a sucker for glitter. I can safely say that my bed isn't too fond of glitter, it went everywhere! Oops.
I'm definitely going to be recreating these nails again, maybe with Sally on a nail? Or perhaps zero, he's probably easier to do, right?
I need to get inspiration from other films, as hard as they are, I LOVE creating character nails!
Thanks for reading :)

Done using: Barry M White, and Audrea Fulerton's Stripe and Sparkle.

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Pastel Nails

This design was featured on Barry M's Twitter, and received a really good response, everyone seems to LOVE it, so I thought it's about time I blogged about it :)
This is a simple, but cute design, and everyone is loving pastel nails this summer! So I wanted to have a go at creating my own design to show you!
It didn't take too long to create, and didn't even require striping tape!
Firstly I always start with a base coat, I am currently using Sally Hansen's Maximum Growth as I am trying to help my nails grow, and I have to say, I am quite impressed with the results! I am hoping to start using Opi's Nail Envy when I have a little more money as I have heard a lot of great reviews!
'How To'
Firstly I painted each nail with a different pastel colour to give an all over coverage. 
Leaving to dry completely, I then painted different sections in various colours making sure each colour was dry before applying the other. I found it best to start with the lighter colours to save the colour showing through the next.
Once I had the desired pattern I then tidied the 'cross over' of colours by adding a stripe of white with one of my brushes, I think adding the white stripes is essential to this design as it adds a cute finish.
For the thumb nail, I was just experimenting with a 'fan' brush I have, I used all colours and just started layering them up using the fan brush to create a stripy finish.
Finally, always add a top coat, this will hold the design in place and make it last longer! :)

The colours used in this design are: Matt White, Blue Moon, Peach Melba, Berry i/c and finally, Mint Green. All Barry M.