Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Polish Party: Halloween

As most of you are aware, the Polish Party, has a monthly themed challenge. So I give you my Halloween themed nails!
They're not exactly scary, but Halloween can be cute too, for my Thumb I really wanted to do a Jason Voorhees Mask design, but as you can see it didn't come out the best, but I'm sill impressed with how well I did.
This was the first time that I have ever tried doing a "Splatter effect" design, I found it a bit tricky at first, but after a few trial and error attempts, I finally stuck with one of the Blood Splatters I was happy with.
What Halloween Mani is complete without a Spiders Web? This was very simple to do, over Barry M's Lady from the Royal Glitter Collection, and I absolutely love the way it turned out!
A simple Blood Drip effect is always an easy, simple method for halloween nails, and finally my little baby pumpkin! I love it!

For the detail on the nails, I used a Black Nail Art pen that I found in Primark, they come in a pack of two, and for only £2, how could I resist? They are extremely simple to use, and as you can see, the polish inside is surprisingly good quality for such a cheap product. It isn't too thick to work with, and gives a great outcome!

Colours used: 
Barry M; Matt White,
Bright Red,
Gelly: Mango
Royal Glitter: Lady

And finally a Black Nail Art from Primark

Monday, 21 October 2013

Velvet Goth Collection

So last week I got my hands on Models Own Amethyst from the Velvet Goth collection, and I absolutely loved how it looks.
I'm still torn between wearing it matte, or using a top coat, however I have came up with a solution. Wear it matte for a couple of days, and then add a top coat to make it last longer while giving your mani a whole new look!
The day after I bought Amethyst and Strawberry Tart and Jack Frost, I went back the next day and spent a further £20 on 6 new polishes, inluding 3 from the scented collection, and 3 more from the Velvet Goth collection, inluding Absinthe (pictured below)
So far Amethyst is my fave, with Absinthe a close second, but I guess thats because I haven't got around to trying the other 2 out yet, I'll be sure to post once I've tried the other, although unfortunately I do not have Obsidian as of yet.
I found that the application of Amethyst was quite thick and difficult to get level. However, the application of Absinthe was unbelievably easy and smooth so I'm unsure if my Amethyst had just thickened a little more in the bottle. For the Velvet Goth collection, I found that 2 coats leads to the perfect application, anymore and it looks too thick.
Velvet Goth are my new fave polishes, I really don't know why I didn't get them as soon as they were launched! I would recommend them to everyone!

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Pink Christmas.

Ive been really quiet recently as I've been back at uni, and all of my nails have snapped so I've been waiting for them to grow so I could post, but Im too impatient, so heres a simple design on my short nails.
I took a trip into boots and got dragged in by the buy 2 and get a velvet goth free.
I ended up buying Strawberry Tart, Jack Frost and choosing Amethyst for my free Velvet Goth.
I couldn't wait to get them home to try out, so I started with a coat of Strawberry Tart as I cant resist pink! I applied a second coat and then I decided to use Jack Frost over the top. It is the perfect combination! Its unbelievably girly and sparkly, but no picture will ever do it justice as you will never capture the sparkle!
I can see this being such a cute Christmas mani, I might have to try Jack Frost over plain white to get a snow effect!
I cant wait to use Amethyst, I've seen lots of pretty pictures of the Velvet Goth collection and I just HAD to have atleast 1!
My trip to boots also ended up with 5 Barry M's: Textured effect; Princess, Duchess and Lady. Along with Crystal Glaze and Foil Effects in silver. Not enough nails!!